"ircamLAB", a software collection by IRCAM (Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music), is dedicated to manufacturing powerful audio software and plug-ins, based on decades of research and technological innovation.

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Founded by Pierre Boulez, IRCAM is associated with the Centre Pompidou, under the tutelage of the French Ministry of Culture. Directed by Frank Madlener, IRCAM is one of the world's largest public research centers in the world dedicated to both musical expression and scientific research. IRCAM is a unique establishment where artistic sensibilities from over 160 collaborators, fuse with scientific and technological innovation.

In the realm of music and sound, IRCAM is on the cutting edge of scientific and technological innovations.

Its mixed STMS research lab gathers 85 researchers and engineers and implements an interdisciplinary research program in Science and Technology of Music and Sound, carried out in partnership with numerous universities and international companies (with the support of CNRS and Sorbonne University and French Ministry of Culture).

It covers a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines including acoustics, signal processing, computer science (languages, real-time, databases, man-machine interfaces) musicology, and music cognition.

The unique framework of collaboration between artists, scientists and engineers offered by IRCAM enables the production of advanced technology implementing the latest research results and subject to constant adaptations to the needs of contemporary creation in music and the performing arts. The series of software environments developed by the R&D teams are made available to the IRCAM Forum gathering 15,000 professional users worldwide. They propose innovative features in audio processing, audio and music indexing, voice synthesis and processing, sound synthesis by physical modeling, sound spatialization, computer-aided composition and improvisation, music and multimodal interaction.
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