The Snail is Running...

Feb 5, 2016 by eric Permalink

Today we are proud to announce the launch of our new revolutionary product, "The Snail"

The Snail is a Tuner, but one that will give a whole new insight into what tuning is all about.

Ever had a guitar that never seems in tune as you move up the fretboard or has a resonance that you found was a problem or was a thing that you loved about it ? Well, now you will be able to see it !

The Snail shows you the fundamental and all the associated resonances and harmonics of any instrument or sound in an easy to see graphic display.

Have you ever wondered what scale a certain song was in? The Snail will show you all the notes and harmonics during playback and their intensities so you can figure out what key it is played in.

And it has the most sophisticated tuner on the market that shows you how close you are to ‘Absolute Tuning’ by slowing down and changing colour until you hit the exact pitch and frequency you need.

It will without a doubt give your ears a training that will open them and educate them to how to tune for your style of playing.

You will be able to find out what pitch any instrument or percussion is set at and help you to ‘fine-tune’ it to your needs. Its incredible analysis engine can even show you the composition of the harmonics of your own voice.

No song or instrument will be able to hide its chromatic makeup from you any longer. The Snail will give you an new insight into the personal secrets of every sound and musical composition that exists.

So if you want to be absolutely in tune, The Snail is the way to do it !

The Snail is available immediately from your preferred dealer.

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